Either blog or admit myself. I pick option #1… for now.

I’ve been an editor for over a decade, a mom for almost five years, a published author for a year a half, and now I’m officially a blogger. Why wait until now? Well, as a writer I suppose it’s a “must” to join the online community, but there’s another reason, perhaps the more pressing one.

I have three kids ages four and under, and another baby on the way. Hence why I’m mental. Not yet straitjacket mental, but I’m well on my way. My days are full of baby talk with my one-year-old, and repeating myself (over and over and over) to my argumentative four-year-old daughter (apparently the attitude starts young, not during the teenage years as I thought). Then there’s the begging and pleading with my two-year-old son to “use his words” instead of him screeching to get his point across. How much actual adult talking do I get in a day? Hmmm… I can’t really remember the last time I enjoyed an adult conversation. I think it was a couple months ago on the phone with a fellow author, Olivia Reid. My poor husband probably wouldn’t recognize the sound of my voice after years of battling to hear one another over the kids.

Thus I write. And now I blog. I can be as adult as I want on my computer, and it doesn’t talk back, screech back, or cry.

There’s a lot that I would love to share with my virtual listening ear, so stay tuned for more random musings and entertaining anecdotes from the perspective of an overwhelmed mom. And if you love books as I do, I’ll on occasion post excerpts from my own writing or slip in a book review, author interview, or fun contest to keep things interesting.

So, here I am, entering the world of blogging! And if you have a comment to make, please remember that I’m full of pregnancy hormones and a tad crazy, so be nice. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Either blog or admit myself. I pick option #1… for now.

  1. Congratulations on entering the blogsphere, Pamela. I have no doubt you have both the pen(wo)manship and life vitality to make this a fascinating adventure; so enjoy, lead….and we will read!


  2. I can sooo relate to the everyday conversations! I always call it an “online diary” in my mind! Keep writing, observing and creating wonderful stories. with a little madness called motherhood along the way!


  3. Hi, Pamela! Late 2013, when I wrote my first book, you were kind enough to review it and give me words of encouragement. The Admirer’s Secret, which I read and reviewed, is still part of my collection. I am glad to see you blogging; it is a great outlet.

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