A Review of the romantic suspense novel, The Zebra Affaire

ZEBRA AFFAIREA Review of The Zebra Affaire

by Mark Fine

Today’s book review is dedicated to Mark Fine, author of the romantic suspense novel The Zebra Affaire, and a fine writer he is. Here’s the book summary:

They dared to fall in love in heartless apartheid South Africa. Elsa, a white woman, is hunted down by the racist regime’s security apparatus for the crime of loving Stanwell, a black man. The Zebra Affaire is a thrilling fusion of romance and suspense laced with drama and history. ​

The tension is palpable in this gripping character-driven love story of the no-no kind as the frightened couple race against time and bigotry–hunted from the City of Gold (Johannesburg) to the exotic but dangerous wilds of the African bushveld. Critics have praised the novel “as a call to all humanity, every page steeped in heart and soul.” It has already garnered over 60 Amazon 5~Star reviews.

The Zebra Affaire draws readers deep into the 1970s, breathing new life into South African history, while delivering a poignant tale of Elsa and her forbidden love affair with Stanwell.

Using fine strokes, Mark Fine paints a masterful portrait of the trials of blended romance during a period tense with racial discrimination. Fighting for their tortured love, Elsa and Stanwell face obstacles that threaten their lives as the apartheid government sets to make an example of the couple and tribal schisms come to a head, thus building a taste for the thriller plot elements amidst the budding romance. Yet a happy ending for all seems unlikely as personal agendas fuel the hatred against the union of socialite supermodel Elsa and domestic servant Stanwell.

Fine doesn’t merely craft a story of unbidden romance, but a historical lesson touched with rhapsodic prose while addressing rising political tensions. More than a fiction story, The Zebra Affaire is a treatise against racial discrimination, a compelling challenge in support of love against the social tides.

My rating: 5 stars

Wanna grab a copy of your own? Purchase it here: http://hyperurl.co/i958xl


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