Giveaway and Review of 2nd Sight, a Compelling Read

2nd-site-final-smallWin a FREE copy of 2nd Sight, a riveting dramatic tale!

The hallucinations won’t stop. They come without warning and with enough punch to bring a grown man to his knees…

Scott Moore has experienced these so-called hallucinations since he was a teenager—blurry visions of others in exciting and frightening situations. Except, they aren’t hallucinations at all. What he sees are actual events those around him have or will experience. Dr. Paul Blackwell claims he can help Scott control them with medicine and teach him how to influence the outcomes to help others.

But something doesn’t feel right about the good doctor’s motives…

Gifts can bring amazing challenges, and Scott discovers thrilling opportunities to find lost people, protect immigrants, and even prevent death. But when he “reads” Dr. Blackwell, Scott learns the doctor has ulterior motives. He’s willing to use Scott’s gift for blackmail and insider stock trading information, and he will stop at nothing—even murder—to harness Scott’s gift of 2nd Sight.

The future isn’t as certain as Scott thinks, and Dr. Blackwell has his own plans for his gifted patient… Can Scott manage to use his gift to influence his own future, or will Dr. Blackwell finally succeed in capturing his insight for himself?

My Review:

2nd Sight weaves together a premise based on a scientific phenomenon that is believably crafted as it tells the story of Scott, a man with an unusual ability. As Scott grapples with his unique gift of being able to see other peoples’ life experiences–and even their futures–he is left wondering if it’s a blessing or a curse. Death surrounds him, but he’s unable to prevent it. Lives are in danger, and yet even with his foresight he is helpless.

When a brilliant doctor shows up asking to study Scott’s capabilities, Scott senses a darker intent behind the research. But for the sake of understanding who he is and how he fits into the world now as a jobless husband, he accepts. Yet his suspicions prove right when he begins to see a dismal future–for himself.

Throughout the story Scott unburies the secrets of those around him, and uncovers hidden details about his childhood–with an unexpected twist thrown in–as the mystery that is his life unravels. Will his premonitions about being killed at the doctor’s hands prove true? Will his gift be able to be put to use when a young cancer victim needs it, or when a man with Alzheimer’s goes missing? Or will everything come crashing down around Scott, costing him the only thing he holds dear–his wife Grace?

It’s a refreshing concept that is masterfully executed. It’s a marriage of drama and mystery that will entertain and delight readers. If you’re looking for something well written and compelling, add it to your to-read list.

5 stars

Want a FREE copy? Simply email me at and put in the subject heading “2nd Sight Giveaway” and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 5 copies of the eBook. It’s as simple as that!

Or you can pick up a copy for 99 cents through December 9th on Amazon here.


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