How to Plan for the Perfect Book Release on a Budget

You’ve done it! Your book is written, edited, and laid out. Your cover is outstanding, if you do say so yourself. You’re ready to release the book to the world… but how do readers find it? Amid the other millions of books out there, how can you get yours spotted? It’s the million-dollar question authors ask every day, and I’m here to the rescue … well, as much as a fellow author swimming upstream can, at least.

Book retailers, like Amazon, help promote new releases within the first 3 months, so you need to make those first 3 months count. How can you make the most out of those? Two big factors will help boost your exposure: pre-orders and reviews. So everything I’m sharing below is aimed to help you get those two hard-to-get things: sales and reviews. As long as you keep the momentum going for those first 3 months after release, you’ll get the extra push from the book retailers to keep your book in the spotlight … until another book out there steals it, of course. 🙂

  1. Consider pricing your book at a special discount to start with. Readers love 99-cent books, so that might be a good starting point for a limited time.
  2. Set up a pre-order. This means that people can pre-order the print and eBook up to 3 months before the release. By doing this, you can accrue sales ahead of time and build momentum up to your release date.
  3. Once your book is available for pre-order, host a Cover Reveal party. This doesn’t have to be complex. Create a party on Facebook and on your website, invite your friends, and do a giveaway—signed advanced copies of the book and gift cards are always a hit. Host some games and then at the end of the party reveal your new book cover. It generates some excitement for the book. Of course, at the end of the party be sure to post links to where readers can purchase your book!
  4. Advertise on Amazon KDP and Facebook. This means creating some ads and ad text. It’s not horribly difficult, but if it’s beyond your abilities, check on and for designers who can help create a few ads for you.
  5. Get reviews. Ask friends, family, and anyone and everyone to post a revhow-to-book-a-blog-tour1iew as soon as the book releases. If you have room in the budget, purchase a book blog tour that includes book reviews. And better yet, if you can afford to use NetGalley, that can help add even more reviews upon release.
  6. For the first couple weeks after you release, stack some promotions. Promotions can include companies like and There are many decent ones out there to consider. I’ve posted before on these promotional options, so look in my old marketing posts for a list of my favorites.
  7. If you have another book already on the market, run a BookBub promotion for that book right before releasing your new book. That bump in sales for your other book can get fan interest in your new release.
  8. Keep the momentum for those first three months going by hosting weekly giveaways after the release. Every bit of exposure helps, and nothing grabs attention like freebies.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. But the biggest advertising you can do for yourself and your books is to KEEP WRITING! And of course, make sure your book is edited and polished, your cover eye-catching, and your marketing text compelling. The book itself is its best publicity!

If you’d like more marketing tips from this Mental Mommy-Slash-Writer, follow me on Facebook or here on my blog. I’d love to get to know you!



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