Storm Shelter, An Unconventional Mystery

Go Back to School with an Intriguing New Mystery by J.L. Delozier

“I know what you want me to say.” Delmas deepened his voice, accentuating his slow, Southern drawl. “But I don’t know who your murderer is or what kind of game he’s playing. For all I know, there could be more than one.” He circled her body with his own, his breath in her ear, then her hair, then back to her cheek.

“Something is spreading, like a disease. Maybe it started with Selma’s murder, or maybe it started with the storm itself. I knew we were in trouble the minute the queen closed and locked the shelter doors. Can’t you feel it building? That off-kilter feeling, like you’re in a fun house at the country fair?”



About the Book

Dr. Persephone Smith is a psychologist with a genetic gift. Her enhanced empathy allows her to feel on a primal level the emotions of others, which helps with her job as a counselor for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. But Seph’s gift comes with a price. Plagued by nightmares and insecure in her work, she absorbs the suffering of her patients by day and swills tequila by night.

When Seph is deployed to an abandoned air hangar turned medical shelter during a massive hurricane, her worst nightmares come true. One by one, as the wind howls overhead, staff and evacuees disappear into the dark recesses of the vast space. The missing return as mutilated corpses. The living, trapped in the shrieking metal structure by the storm, descend into varying levels of paranoia and even madness. Seph must become both counselor and detective to determine who, or what, is calling them prey. Is the panic and mayhem just “shelter shock,” as the lead physician, Anne Parrish, insists? Or is everyone, Seph included, in danger of losing their minds—and their lives?

About J.L. Delozier

Dr. J.L. Delozier has practiced medicine for 23 years, spending much of her career assisting America’s veterans as a federal servant. Her first thriller, Type & Cross, debuted in April, 2016.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four rescue cats. See more at

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