How to Get in Touch with Me

Pamela Crane with Tinkerbell
Clearly my horse thinks my thriller “A Secondhand Life” is good enough to eat…

I am a professional juggler. I juggle four feral kids (sometimes literally when they all want to be held at the same time), a husband, a horse farm, my writing career as a published author, and an editorial job… and that’s just the beginning. For more about me, join my newsletter where I’ll uncover my deepest, darkest secrets… or at least give you reason to be thankful for your life instead of mine. 🙂

If you’d like to chitchat, praise my writing, or compliment my parenting skills, I’ll be head-over-heels happy to hear from you at pamela(at)pamelacrane(dot)com. If you want to remind me of my many failures, don’t bother–my kids have already passed along the message. 🙂

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Pamela Crane

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